Hollie Cutler

Specialist in Family Law & Mediation

Hollie Cutler is known as one of the finest trial lawyers in Anne Arundel county. A graduate of the University of Maryland and the University of San Diego School of Law, Hollie came to Annapolis in 1981 to be one of the county’s first female public defenders. As a public defender, she handled a wide variety of criminal trials, including murders.

Although she continued (and continues) to handle criminal matters, Hollie also built a family law practice, in which she focused on matters involving separation, divorce, child custody and support. She is known for two traits: (1) reasonableness in dealing with opposing counsel and negotiating settlements, and (2) fearlessness in taking cases to trial in the event a settlement cannot be reached.

Hollie is also an accomplished horsewoman, and competes in dressage.


Resume in Brief


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